Solar Inverters


The founding of Fronius Solar Energy in 1992 is when the company’s newest business unit began to exist. The original Fronius inverter, the Fronius Sunrise, was one of the first significant turning points. Since then, they have greatly increased and improved their product line. Since the beginning, more than 75 years ago, when the company was created and searching for a way to charge batteries so they could be used for longer, sustainability has been a key factor for them.


Growatt was established in 2011 by a group of pioneers in the global PV industry with a vision to build a green and sustainable future. Specializing in sustainable energy generation, storage and consumption, as well as energy digitalization, the company designs, develops and manufactures PV inverters, energy storage products, EV chargers, smart energy management system and others.

FIMER Inverter

FIMER, an Italian company established in 1942, decided to expand its solar portfolio by acquiring the ABB solar business in March 2020, pushing FIMER to become the fourth largest solar inverter manufacturer in the world and beginning a brand New Era in solar.


Sungrow inverters, one of the best, are turning heads in Australia – and with good reason. All Sungrow units offering high efficiency and outstanding quality for inverters in this price range; leading respected industry publication Photon International to comment that a Sungrow solar inverter model it reviewed could rub shoulders with the best of the inverters it had tested to date.