Commercial Solar

Commercial Solar Systems | Quality Solar Panels Installers

Are you looking for an experienced Clean Energy Council authorized solar panels installer? Your search stops at SGS.

We present high-quality commercial solar solutions in Australia

to take care of the power requirements at your farm, factory, industrial unit or any other business space.

Having installed solar panels for over a decade now,
we have the expertise and know-how to reduce your power bills drastically.

Commercial Solar Panels – a Smart Business Move!

The subsidies and federal discounts on commercial social panels will add to your bottom-line figures; they’ll slash your power bills by up to 80 per cent!
It makes good business sense to reduce your energy bill at the current power consumption rate. The solar power experts at SGS will explain the modalities of installation and work out the costs with you before moving ahead.
The cost of daytime electricity use gets offset with the installation of solar panels for commercial purposes.
Your customers will appreciate your concern for the environment. In turn, producing solar power inhouse will increase the goodwill of your business.

Why Should you Choose Solar PV Panels for your Business?

Along with reducing your power bills, SGS, solar power commercial systems, such as 13.2 kW solar units and the 20 kW solar units can help your business grow.

Large scale solar systems in Australia.

Large commercial businesses have altogether different solar needs than MSMEs and small-scale businesses or farms.

New inroads in solar technology have led to increased competition and the entry of different models and designs of commercial solar panels. This can be cumbersome and confusing for most.

The solar systems installers at SGS help you determine the financial viability of the large-sized capital investments for solar power.

They help you assess the best size of the solar system, which solar components are necessary
for your business, and why you should install solar PV panels at the earliest.

For instance, we help you determine the positioning, tilt and placement of roof and ground-mounted panels.

Ground-mounted panels are a good option for rural solar projects, solar farms, or business spaces
with roofs that do not support the installation of commercial solar projects.

How SGS Guarantees Commercial Solar Power Success

At SGS, our experienced solar power experts, Decipher and determine the investment criteria and solar needs of your business. They carry out a thorough analysis of your electricity bill and load profiling to take you to the next step of solar power installation. The accumulated data by our team is further analyzed to create the solar system design. They manage the various network sanctions and controls to make commercial solar power generation easy and sustainable.